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 Attention: Instructional Designers, E-Learning Developers, & L&D Professionals... 

30 Learner Engagement Experts Share Their Secrets That You Can Use To Adapt To The New Normal And ENGAGE Even The Most Reluctant Learners...

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From The Desk Of: Anna Sabramowicz
Date: Friday, October 9, 2021
Subject: 30 Highly-Guarded Learner Engagement SECRETS

Dear Friend,

Have you ever thought... 

Making learning engaging and meaningful is a battle that is beyond hopeless…?

I see everyone and their dog engaged in some form of online or immersive experience…

And it seems like we're living in an attention economy... but...

"How am I, an L&D professional, saddled with dull, passive training material... ever going to engage the most overstimulated generation that ever existed?"

My name is Anna Sabramowicz, and I'm the co-founder of a company called Scenario Secrets...

I help instructional designers and e-learning developers unlock their creative potential and design more engaging experiences, using a framework called "Narrative Scenario Dynamics"... 

But what a lot of people don't know, is that every day I talk with L&D professionals who want an opportunity to break out of the status quo… hoping for the chance to do something creative and innovative at work… 

Many are cheerful, and persevere…

But many more, feel stuck.

And that fact drives me crazy...  

So I asked 30 of the world's best L&D gurus on learner engagement how they would ‘break out’...

"Hey <Insert Learner Engagement Guru Name Here> 

I have a question for you and I’d love to know your answer...

You probably already know that the shelf life of boring training material is usually painful, short, and very public — it could make or break a career...

So what would you do if you had to grab and hold the attention of even the most reluctant of learners?

- Anna Sabramowicz

I Wanted To Know EXACTLY What They Would Do To Engage Learners...

At first I was nervous to send the email… but just seconds after I clicked “send” my nerves turned to excitement as I waited to hear back from them.

Over the next few days, the responses started to pour in from members of this exclusive club telling me the ways THEY'RE navigating the L&D ecosystem...

Behavioral science, gamified learning, story design, action mapping... and then detailing EXACTLY what they’re doing in a simple, step by step process!

These were not quick emails they sent back to me, but detailed battle plans!

Some Blew My Mind...

...And Others Were Humbling As I Discovered Insider Secrets That Exposed Gaps In My Own Knowledge…

And What's Required To Stay Relevant, Exactly What To Do To Engage Learners During The New Normal, and Beyond! 

Some leverage technology accessible to everyone...

Others focus on cutting-edge industry trends

And others just pursue their interests.

But all of them have the same goal… Make workplace learning more interesting, relevant, and valuable!

Now mind you, I've invested in my fair share of crappy courses as well as other amazing L&D seminars, but NEVER have I EVER seen learner engagement strategies like these! 

I re-read their strategies, looking out for “loopholes”, like having to spend sums of money in some form or another, using special programs well beyond the reach of the average person, or having a large team.

As amazing as it might sound, the strategies were almost flawless. There and then, I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt, that if anyone followed these plans to a T, they could increase learner engagement! 

I Could Hardly Believe What Laid In Front Of My Eyes!

But.. this was ONLY the beginning

MORE learner engagement strategies started coming in, and they left me shaking my head in sheer disbelief. 

After reading over a dozen of them, they left me TOTALLY CONVINCED, that ANYONE, as long as they faithfully apply the tested and proven engagement secrets found in these Learner Engagement Plans, could be successful

And that's when it hit me...

I needed to share this with everyone.

Everyone Who Has A Desire To Upgrade A Learning Program...

Needs These Engagement Strategies.

At first I planned on selling them… 

But because of what I know they are worth, and how much I would have to charge if I were to sell them…

I knew that if I did, the people who needed them the MOST, wouldn’t be able to afford them. 

So, I emailed back each and every one of the 30+ people who responded…

And I Asked Them The Unthinkable…

Would You Be Willing To Share This With Everyone…


At first, a few of them thought I was a little crazy… 

But then one said Yes…

And then another! 

And Soon EVERYONE OF THEM Agreed To Come On A Video Interview And Walk You Through Their Learner Engagement Strategy!!!

So, WHO were the ones who were crazy enough to agree to help serve you at their HIGHEST level… so you can get limited-time access to these interviews!?!

Let Me Introduce You To Your Dream Team:

Michael Allen

Psychology of Motivation

The “Diagnostic” Questions You Absolutely Must Ask During The First 5 Minutes To Get Your Learner Invested in the Learning Experience

Nicole Papaioannou

Voiceover Scripting & Sourcing

“I’ve Refined Over 500 Scripts To Share With You My Best Tips and Tricks To Make Your Voiceover Memorable and Emotionally Compelling.”

Karl Kapp

Game Based Learning

Simple Low-Tech to No-Tech Strategies To Create Serious Games That Help Adults Perform

Robin Sargent

Engagement Best Practices

The 3 Most Important Practices You Can Use On Your Very FIRST Project To Increase Retention and Engagement

Ray Jimenez

Situational Learning

Your Learners Are Already Solving The Engagement Problem: How You Can Leverage Their Know-How To Deliver Solutions That Deliver ROI.

Britt Andreatta

Neuroscience of Learning

How To Build INSTANT Stickiness And Engagement Into Your Learning Solutions (Even If You’ve Never Read a Single Book on Brain Science)

Austin Welch

Intrinsic Motivation

The Strategies I Use To Create a Deep Motivation For The Training I Design For My Clients and Have Them Excited For More (Even If It’s Compliance Training!)

Clive Shepherd

Emotion and Humour

The “Core Four” Strategies That Helped Amp Up Emotion (and Amplify Results) for Millions of Learners Globally Over the Last Four Decades

Hadiya Nuriddin

Story Design for Learning

How To Leverage Story Elements That Generate Empathy To Consistently Create Training That Resonates With All Audiences

Connie Malamed

Visual Design

The Most Important Design Practices I Use EVERY DAY To Craft Beautiful and Visually Relevant Learning Experiences

Moe Ash


The Foolproof “MDA” Framework That Helps You Design and Deliver, Value Packed Serious Games for Adults In Just HOURS

Tim Slade

E-Learning Design Aesthetics

How I Traded My Hate For Click-And-Reveal Interactions Into A Mindset That Helps Me Turn Them Into Performance Based Learning! 

Clark Aldrich

Short Sims & Interactivity

The “Short Sim” Method That Makes Designing And Implementing Interactive Simulated Learning Experiences Painless...

Danielle Wallace

Marketing: Messaging & Strategy

The “Three Question” Approach To Creating Compelling Learning Experiences That Your Learners Would Skip Their Lunch to Complete!

Bryan Jones

Scenario Design & Sequential Visualization

Simple Techniques That Create An Immersive Scenario Based Learning Experience... Every Time

Mark Spermon

Articulate Storyline Immersion

The PHILOSOPHY I Borrowed From Top Chefs That Help Me Create Beautiful and Wildly Engaging Articulate Storyline Interactions 

Marina Arshavskiy

Social Media for Learning

How To Leverage Popular Social Media Platforms to Create Learning Solutions That Connect Learners and Augment Asynchronous Delivery

Sergey Snegirev

Authentic Interactions

The Three E’s Approach To Learning Design That Generates Meaningful and Memorable Learning Experiences

Mohsin Memon

Games for Learning 

Mastering the “Magic Circle” Methodology: Optimize THIS Strategy to Incorporate Game Mechanics Into Your Next Learning Experience

Mike Taylor

Marketing Strategies

How to Inspire Curiosity and Excitement Around Your Learning Experiences (Without Needing a Huge Budget Or a Marketing Team)

Betty Dannewitz

Augmented Reality

My Top-Secret “Embarrassingly Simple” Strategies That Enable Me to Turn Learning and Performance Support Into a Rewarding Experience

Robin Petterd

Design Thinking 

The Counter Intuitive Mindset That Will Help You Unleash Your Creativity and Design Solutions That Learners Look Forward To

Rued Riis

Animated Video

The Proprietary “SRV Method” That Makes Launching Your Animated Videos Painless…And On The Path To Deep Engagement!

Rance Greene

Storytelling for Training

The Biggest STORY Mistakes That Hold Learning Designers Back…(And Keep Them From Ever Creating Experiences That Resonate With Their Learners)

Shannon Tipton

Technology & Learning

The One Minute Science Lesson That Will Change How You Look At Learning Reinforcement (And The Tools You Can Use To Do This Well)

Jeff Kortenbosch

Beyond Needs Analysis

The Non-Negotiables For Setting Yourself Up To Be a Trusted Advisor (...Before You Even Have a Track Record of Results)

Bob Mosher

Workflow Learning & Performance Support

The Unusual Approach That Led Me To Completely Shift How I Talk to Subject Matter Experts

Alexander Salas

Escape Rooms & Problem Based Learning

How to move beyond Click Next eLearning and make your next elearning experience DEEPLY immersive.

Ant Pugh

Engagement Strategy vs. Tactics

How To Identify And Approach The PERFECT Engagement Strategy To Design Your Training… (And Solve The Most Meaningful Problems!)

Zsolt Olah

Action Mapping

How to Introduce Action Mapping to Even The Most Resistant Stakeholders (Even If You’re Just Getting Started And Have No Track Record of Success Yet)

I Want To GIVE You Access To All 30 Of These Interviews…So You Can Learn The SAME Secrets That Propelled Their Success!

But don’t take my word for it… 

I’m not trying to sell you anything.

So… What’s The Catch!?!

I Want To MAKE SURE You Watch AND Implement Each Of These Strategies…

So, I’m Going To Give You A Short, 72-Hour Pass Where You Can Watch Them...

(All You Need To Do Is Register To Get Limited-Time Access)

Then They Are Gone.

Yes, that means you have to BLOCK OUT that time… 

Immerse yourself in the blueprints…

Take notes…

And then implement YOUR OWN learner engagement strategy from what you learned

Yes, that is my “evil” motivation… to make sure you actually watch, learn and implement from the gift that these 30 people are giving you.

Is it ok if we overdeliver…? :)

Here Is A Small Sampling Of What You’ll Discover In These Learner Engagement Plans..

  • You’ll dive into the “Action Mapping” approach that moves stakeholders from dull e-learning to scenarios and beyond… and gets them to become your SUCCESS case stories!
  • ​​You’ll get the in-depth secrets on how you can create short simulations!
  • ​​You’ll get million dollar agency trade secrets on the questions you must ask to drive game-changing results for your L&D organization!
  • ​You’ll find out the 5-step framework that helps learners tap into what they need when they need it most!
  • ​You’ll learn the “story spine” strategy that gives you complete control over the content subject matter experts share with you… so you get only the info you need!
  • ​​You’ll peek “behind the scenes” and see how one simple perspective allows you to boost the power of Articulate Storyline… and fundamentally change the way you design elearning!
  • ​​You’ll learn key strategies for how to skyrocket engagement through game mechanics without compromising business goals and learning outcomes!
  • ​​You’ll find out why adopting a “contrarian” viewpoint can actually improve the engagement of your learning solutions… and improve your worth in the eyes of the top management!
  • ​​The SPECIAL way to leverage new and current technologies and fuel learner engagement and retention… while keeping your project scope under control and costs down!

...And That's Just From A Fraction Of Our Featured Speakers!

So that’s it!  

Nothing to buy…

Just a commitment that YOU need to make. 

• A commitment to register…
• A commitment to show up…
• And a commitment to implement...

You know how the old saying goes: “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink…”

Well, here is the water, now it’s your job to take a drink.

Thanks again, and I’ll see you on the inside!

Anna Sabramowicz

P.S. - If you’re here looking for a quick recap… here it is. 

When you register for the Learner Engagement Summit (for free), you’ll get access to all the interviews with 30 of the world's best L&D gurus on learner engagement showing you what they’d do to engage even the most reluctant learners (for free), and when you register, I’m also going to do a special presentation to show you the patterns, shortcuts and connections you need

Is it ok if we over deliver? :) 

All you’ve got to do is register now:

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